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Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX and Surrounding Areas

All winter long, your cooling system has been lying dormant. When summer rolls around, you want your air conditioner to operate at its very best. There’s nothing worse than your AC failing on a hot and humid summer day. To ensure proper performance, low energy bills, and healthy indoor air, you should schedule an air conditioning tune-up at least once a year.

Normally, those that express dissatisfaction with the performance and operating costs of their cooling system are the ones who haven’t scheduled annual HVAC maintenance and neglected to change their filters every 1-3 months. If you want to save time and money to ensure your air conditioner is operating at peak performance, you should keep up on regular maintenance.

Reasons Why You Should Schedule Annual Tune-Ups

There are so many benefits to scheduling annual tune-ups. Those benefits include:

  • Restore Proper Function and Safety
  • Prevent Breakdowns
  • Find and Fix Problems Early
  • Extend AC Lifespan
  • Improve Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Lower Cooling Bills
  • Keep Manufacture Warranty Intact

Manufacturers and HVAC professionals alike know that failing to maintain an HVAC system can cut its lifespan in half. For this reason, it’s highly recommended you stay on top of scheduling maintenance. Not only that, but in order to keep your warranty valid, you are required to schedule regular maintenance. There you have it – an incentive to call Dring today!

5 Signs You’re Overdue For An AC Tune-Up

Is your AC unit acting up? Whether you’re experiencing higher-than-usual energy bills or insufficient cooling, there are 5 tell-tale signs you may be overdue for an AC tune-up.

  • Inconsistent Temperatures
  • Strange Noises
  • Bad Smells
  • Weak Airflow
  • High Energy Bills

AC tune-ups can help you find minor issues before they become much bigger and more costly. Much like you wouldn’t drive your car 10,000 miles without changing the oil – you shouldn’t go more than a year without servicing your AC unit. Believe it or not, your AC unit can suffer a great deal from a lack of maintenance – and in turn, you suffer the consequences.

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