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DFW’s Oldest Most Trusted AC Company Since 1953
Summer special you can pick either a service call or a tuneup both are $39 and include 2lbs of freon.

$39 AC or Heating Tune-up.

Includes up to 2lbs of freon if necessary.

$100 off

Duct and dryer vent cleaning.

Coppell Furnace Repair

 Dring Air Conditioning and Heating have been in the business since 1953. We have become an in-house name in the HVAC industries in the Coppell, Tx, and surrounding cities. We have been providing air conditioning and heating services to a lot of residents in Coppell, Tx, with their positive reviews.

A furnace/heating system is the most trusted home equipment during the winter season in Coppell, Tx. It is very essential during those times since it gives warmth and convenience, whether you already have your furnace system or plan to have it installed immediately. Regardless of the condition of your heating unit at home, it is important that you only rely on the experts on installation, repair, maintenance, and services for your heating unit.

We offer a quality of customer service, along with extensive training gained by our expert technicians in Coppell, Tx, and surrounding cities. They also have necessary certifications allowing them to install a furnace, repair, or perform maintenance jobs and services. 


Furnace Repair Services in Coppell, Tx

 Without help from your heating system in the middle of winter months, the cold air will find its way to break into your home and take over. There is always a reason why it is important to have proper repair service for your furnace system. When your heating system fails in giving the warm air that you need in the winter, whether you live in Coppell or anywhere else in the area, it is the moment you should call us. Our technicians are professionals who can conduct all heating and furnace repairs and offer furnace replacement, installation, and maintenance.

The process is not complicated. You need a heating repair; we have the professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently. When our team arrives at your home, they will diagnose the problem, assess the situation, and establish the correct solution options. So, you can choose from the options then repair what you like the most. Without more words to boast around, our experts are transparent, and they have excellent communication skills when it comes to customer relations.

If you live in Coppell, Tx, you understand well that it gets super-hot in the summer. And, it turns super-cold in the winter, meaning it is freezing. It will be both difficult to stay home when you air conditioning and furnace problems in the summer or the winter. 

Not only repairing the problem and the system but also enhancing efficiency that helps you save cash in the future for super-cold days and nights. Because we all face a similar climate here, we know that it is never inviting to think of your heater when the summer is getting extreme. Yet, we always suggest that you need to have it examined and serviced if necessary, in the summer. So, you can assure that you are prepared for the seasons to come. Nonetheless, when the time comes that you need to purchase a heating system or furnace repair, call us.

Trust the Specialists at Dring for Your Next Furnace Repair in Coppell, Tx

Do not let the Coppell Tx heat worry you, your loved ones, and visitors uncomfortable in your own home or business space. We conduct complete examinations to assist you in deciding if a replacement is what you need in Coppell, Tx. Our equipped, licensed, and insured experts over 60 years have a ton of training and experience to give you the excellent service that no one can imagine.

With expert Coppell furnace repair services and installations from Dring, our clients will enjoy:

  •     Enhanced performance to help lower energy use and utility expenses

  •     All year protection to help prevent fires, blasts, and carbon monoxide poisoning

  •     A furnace put in functional working status to help promote durability.

Should You Have Gas or Electric Furnace?

We are pleased to go over your different furnace choices with you, beginning with your selection of energy sources. Here are the two most popular:

  •     Gas Furnace- Gas furnaces are the favored choice among many residents everywhere in Coppell, TX, and surrounding areas. The reason is since they are practical, they usually cost cheaper to run than the electric types from month to month, and are sure.

  •     Electric Furnace- Although gas furnaces have their advantages, you may choose to have an electric model. They are frequently cheaper to install. They do not need access to a gas line, and they are ideal for residents who want to be safe with heating options. Also, it is best for residents who are not merely at home. They can leave their home with peace in their mind. Today, gas furnaces give safety in our minds, but there is always a danger of carbon monoxide susceptibility.

Thorough Furnace Services

Aside from installing and changing various types of furnaces and other heating systems, the experts here at Dring Air Conditioning and Heating offer various services essential to maintaining your furnace in top condition for many years to come. 

Our furnace repair and maintenance team will bring peace at your home and in your mind that your heater will run efficiently during its lifespan.

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating: The Best Heating Repair Company in Coppell, Tx

Besides the commitment we have for our customers, the Dring team is happy to serve you in Coppell, Tx. We satisfactorily help our residents in areas within Coppell and surrounding cities.

Technicians, at Ding Air Conditioning and Heating, are the best since we only hire excellent technicians, to perform installations, repairs, and maintenance. You, our customers, our reasons that is why we continue to improve and develop our services. We support your needs when it comes to HVAC. Just ask a lot of clients that we serve in Coppell.

Whether you need HVAC, furnace repair or replacement, and any heating systems repairs and installations, don’t hesitate to contact us. Do not let your broken heater ruin your winter. 

Call us today and learn more about other HVAC services here in Coppell, Tx.

You can also talk with our polite and trained staff online or complete a contact request form on our website. We look forward to doing business with you.