In the majority of modern properties, a significant percentage of the electricity they consume is used to power the air conditioning system. You can reduce your utility bills by ensuring that this important appliance is always working efficiently. We are the top-rated AC contractors in Carrollton, TX and we can help you implement steps to reduce your power consumption and save money.
A basic step you should take is to protect the unit from direct sun exposure. You can do this by ascertaining that the unit is installed in an area where it receives shade from nearby shrubs and plants. You simply need to ensure that you leave 2-3 feet around the system that are clear to make it easily accessible during maintenance. Another option to consider is installing a condenser cover.

You may also choose to close the curtains of the windows that directly face the sun. The idea is to protect your interiors from getting heated by the direct sunlight. This step will make your window treatments cool your home and this calculates to the lesser workload for your AC.

The majority of electrical appliances produce some level of warmth. Doing your chores at the most appropriate time can hence play a role in making your air conditioning system more efficient. For instance, choose to use your stove or washing machine early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are lower.

The area around the vents and condenser of your unit should remain free of obstructions. This will help to maximize airflow and by extension the efficiency of the appliance. You must also not forget to get the filters routinely changed. Any time they are filthy, they not only reduce the air quality in your home but also make the AC work harder. We recommend getting the filters changed once every three months or after every two months if you are a pet parent.

You should contact us for routine maintenance. A tune-up can help ensure that the unit operates at peak performance at all times. During a project, we will inspect the appliance and address issues of concern before they get blown out of proportion. The majority of issues are cheap, quick, and easy to repair if they are caught early.

We can partner with you in keeping your AC in a pristine state for longer. This will by extension increase its chances of living through its expected lifespan. You can depend on us for air conditioning installation assistance as well as air duct cleaning among other vital services.

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