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DFW’s Oldest Most Trusted AC Company Since 1953
Summer special you can pick either a service call or a tuneup both are $39 and include 2lbs of freon.

$39 AC or Heating Tune-up.

Includes up to 2lbs of freon if necessary.

$100 off

Duct and dryer vent cleaning.

Richardson AC Repair

Let Dring Air Conditioning and Heating repair and clean your air conditioner! Let’s bring back its maximum and extend its life. We can handle it. Dring aims to have more fulfilled clients, a day at a time!

Is your house as cold and comfy enough as you always want, during the summer months in Richardson, Texas? Temperatures can go as high as scorching hot during this time. When your AC unit starts to act out, you want to repair it quickly, and get it fixed properly. Dring Air Conditioning and Heating has been giving prompt and trusted air conditioning repair to or surrounding residents in Richardson and neighboring cities since 1953. 

Regardless of the AC issue, we will assist you in making an excellent decision. If you need a brand-new AC unit, we offer air conditioning installation services. Our professional technicians are skilled and trained. Every staff at Dring has undergone drug tests and series of interviews, so we assure they are licensed and certified. 

Indications You May Need Air Conditioner Repair in Richardson, Texas

  • Odd Sounds- Soon, you will get used to the noises coming from your air conditioning system. But, when you start hearing odd sounds that you are not familiar with, like, striking, banging, growling, and other sounds that catch your attention, then you should call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating for air conditioner assessment and inspections. One of our licensed professionals will come to your house and check the root cause of the problem. 
  • Ice on Coils- It is a usual problem. There are many causes why an AC unit freezes up. If the coils of your air conditioner are freezing, then you should call a professional to address this problem immediately. A frosted AC unit cannot produce cold air well, and soon, it will lead to critical damage to the air conditioning system. Book an appointment with Dring Air Conditioning and Heating today!
  • Limited or No cold air- No matter what causes the problem, your unit will not fix itself. And it will require professional attention right away. A lot of times, a part of your condenser has broken down, and it is hindering the compressor from pressing the refrigerant. Or it can be due to a broken motor, the charge of refrigerant is low, or there is dust or clogged coils. 
  • Unexpected Increase in Electricity Bills – There are multiple reasons as to why it takes place. Your AC unit is one of the costliest equipment at home and eats a tremendous amount of electricity during the summer season. Disconnected ductwork, filthy motor, low charge refrigerant, and many problems can lead to the inadequate functional performance of your air conditioning system. It affects your electricity bills.
  • Water Accumulation- If you have observed that there is too much water near your air conditioning system, you should stop what you are doing, and give Dring a call now. Electricity and water are both dangerous if mixed. Do not try managing this problem on your own. It will be risky, and the chances are life-threatening. Let us help you take care of this. 
  • Dirty Filters – When you check and change the air filters if you see that they appear to be filthy or blocked every time, then you ought to start exchanging them more often. Also, it is better to schedule your air conditioner for inspections and cleaning services. While our technician is cleaning your AC unit, he will ensure that you are using the right air filter and suggest tips to make sure you keep your system tidy. In this way, you can lower the need for repairs often. 

When it is the right time to replace your Air Conditioning unit

If you are open to AC improvements or replacement of your aging HVAC unit, give us a call at any time for free estimates. In addition to providing the best products on the market, we offer the best parts at reasonable prices. We have the newest equipment for installations, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. 

Other indications it is the right time to contact Dring to replace your system in Richardson, Texas:

  • Irregular temperatures in other parts of the room
  • Notice of spike in energy bills 
  • Hear odd and loud sounds from your air conditioning unit
  • Need added refrigerant for your AC system, fixing leaks and adding refrigerant cost a lot, so it is better to purchase a new AC system
  • Outdated SEER, newly set up AC system has at least 14 SEER rating.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Richardson, Texas

An air conditioner system is a complicated appliance. It is made to endure any forms of mishandling and still running. It is excellent in most regards, but it can lead to complacent about maintenance. Like any other mechanical machines, AC units require frequent tune-ups to work well. Preventive maintenance tune-ups are cheap and give peace of mind. We also offer reasonable maintenance programs that cover routinely scheduled examinations. Visit our website to learn more about this information. 

How often should I have professional maintenance or AC repair done on my system?

You should have it at least twice a year. It will not only keep your AC unit performing efficiently, but it will also locate small problems before they become severe and expensive. Call Dring for your AC maintenance and tune-ups. 

Dring is the solution for your AC repair problem.

Summer season is fun, especially if you have a working air conditioner throughout this season. With Dring, let us beat the heat together by having your AC unit repaired and checked. Do not wait for problems to arise and become big; give us a call now. We are looking forward to doing business with you.