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The basic premise of cool air through the use of air conditioning units in Northern Texas is always a given. It gets hot during the dry summers. Cooling the interior of your house is a necessity for health and safety. The quality of the results depends on two factors: choosing a brand and model which can handle the size and layout of your indoor space is the first. The second factor affecting the performance of this equipment is the quality of your AC system installation in Fort Worth TX.

The best equipment in the global marketplace will be limited if it is not installed correctly. While you may think that it is a simple matter to set up the equipment, this is a fallacy. The experienced technician must take many factors into consideration before turning on the unit the first time. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to recognize and consider the many factors which can affect the performance of your unit.

Some of the factors which affect performance include the size and layout of any space it is intended to cool, as well as the placement of interior walls, furnishings and barriers. The physical space in the attic or basement/crawl space may affect the type of venting and ductwork which is installed.

Even something as seemingly minor as the placement of a thermostat can affect performance. If the AC runs too long because of the readings on the thermostat, it is a waste of electricity, as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear to the equipment, thus shorting its life.

Proper installation is important to prevent unwanted organisms, dirt and debris into the pipes or ducts. Foreign material in the system also affects the proper operation of every part of this system. Our installers have the right training and experience to be certain the work to install the equipment is done correctly the first time.