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Air Conditioning Repair

Ding Air Conditioning and Heating can help you prolong the life of your air conditioning with the right services and maintenance at desired months. Contact us today for AC free assessment and inspection. A damaged air conditioning unit in the summer season can make a person go crazy and wild. When you experience this agitated situation, do not hesitate and contact your local air conditioning service provider. We can repair your AC system at homes and offices so you can get the air conditioning unit back to working conditions fast and budget-friendly. We can return the comfort and convenience at your home and office. Since 1953 we have been servicing and repairing AC systems.


We are different from other HVAC companies. Our team puts your comfort at the top of our list. We understand that waiting for AC technicians can be a huge hassle and stress, but with Dring, we take actions fast and at affordable prices. We show up on time, ready with proper working attire and equipment. Of course, we utilize the best technology so we can quickly locate the problems and fix them right away.

The lifespan of Your AC System

The life of your AC unit relies on many factors. If the size of your AC unit is incorrect for your home or business office, it could be under-performing. So, it will decrease the life of your air conditioning unit. Also, if you do not clean it and maintain it, it will probably need major repairs earlier as expected. Under typical circumstances, the average life of your central air conditioning system is about 15-20 years, according to the Department of Energy (DOE).

Indications Your AC Requires Repairs and Services

Your AC system frequently gives some particular indications when it faces problems. An AC unit that gives off little chilly air, leaking, creating unusual sounds are signs that you will need to have it repaired soon. If you have observed and seen these indicators with your AC system, give us a call right away. Book an appointment to fix the problems immediately. Our AC repair expert technicians in Texas have a ton of experience; they can solve these issues and repair them right the first time.

Common Issues with Air Conditioning Systems

There are several concerns with AC systems. You could fix it yourself. But you should still call your trusted and dependable AC company to check if your AC has leaking refrigerant or creating unusual sounds.

      • The AC system will not turn on. Assure that you set the thermostat before checking the electrical panel for a blocked breaker.
      • The air in the AC system is not cold. Check if the thermostat settings are correct. Then place the new air filter, if you have not arranged this for several months. A fresh air filter improves performance and IAQ. Ensure that there is no debris obstructing the unit, and the refrigerant is not leaking.
      • Not even cooling. The common reason for varying temperatures is due to leaky ducts, not enough insulation, tripped registers. If none of those are making the issue, think of putting more blackout curtains on the south area windows. Consider also getting zoning systems to control the temperature in some areas of the house or commercial establishment.
      • Water dripping from the AC unit. Inspect the condensate line for blockage. It is the PVC pipe running from the AC unit. Leaking refrigerants can also create ice to accumulate on the coils and drip some water.
      • The air conditioner is producing unusual sounds. Squealing, crashing, pounding, or popping noises imply possibly severe problems. Switch your system off and contact us right away, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating.

Minimizing Your Need for Emergency AC Repair in Carrollton

The usual price to repair an AC system in Carrollton is over $300! It costs an arm and a leg. It is an unanticipated payment to spend who you allot your money for your children’s fun activities during the summer season. Since 1953, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating have been the reliable HVAC partner in DFW and surrounding cities that practice regular and emergency AC repairs. We are readily accessible 24/7 to meet your needs in Carrollton AC repair. We discuss to you all of the things you must do routinely to prevent pricey emergency AC repair problems. The number one thing you must do to minimize your demand for emergency AC repair is to maintain the cleanliness in your system’s air filters. Filthy filters block the AC system and make it work double time. Over time, your AC will tear and require early repairs. The next step that you must do to evade costly emergency AC repair jobs is to contact your trusted AC repair service company. It is Dring Air Conditioning and Heating.

Schedule your yearly maintenance with us. We assure you of high-quality AC repair services.


With Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, changing an old air conditioning unit does not have to be a bothersome difficulty. Our certified and expert technicians have the experience professionally to correct the size and set up a new AC system at your comfort and with less disturbance. We respect your space; we always clean once we finish the job. You may want to go out and begin shopping for a new AC unit if your existing AC unit often requires repairs or if your AC unit is more than 15 years old. With so many various AC brands in the market, we can suggest the best AC brands that will fit your needs and the size of your home and business offices. We will also recommend high-efficient AC brands that will decrease your energy bill every month. The best thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your cooling appliances is to book an appointment for routine maintenance.


If you wish your air conditioning unit to go beyond its lifespan, air conditioner maintenance is a must. We understand the experience and inadequately maintained AC systems are likely to experience failures that need comprehensive repairs. Regardless of your preference, a yearly preventative AC maintenance, or want to get the advantage that comes with our AC service contract, we advise that you book an appointment for our AC system maintenance every spring.

Call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating today to schedule AC services.


When you reside in Texas, air conditioning is vital to the well-being of your everyday living. Dring Air Conditioning and Heating is an experienced air conditioning repair contractor in TX.

A few advantages to repairing your AC:

      •     You can have better energy-efficiency.
      •     You can stay comfy at the heart of your homes.
      •     You can save money, time, and effort.

Choose Dring Air Conditioning and Heating with Your AC Repair

Greeting a support contractor to your home for an air conditioner repair should not be taking chances and see what is going to happen. Of course, you want to know who you can depend on for your AC system. Dring Air Conditioning and Heating wants you to feel comfortable and at ease when you pick us as your AC repair provider for your AC system. We continuously aim to provide the best customer service experience and the excellent products readily available on the market. Clients praise us since we provide high-quality service and provide total satisfaction to every job that we do.

We guarantee you that you will experience the best AC repair service here in DFW. When you call us, you do not need to pay for that. The service call is free.

Serving Residents in DFW

Air conditioners are complicated systems, and they need an expert to locate and repair any problems that may occur. If your air conditioning system releases hot air, creating unusual loud sound, it probably needs AC repair immediately for your Carrollton cooling equipment.

Do you need air conditioner repairs? Call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating now. We are one call away. Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of the things we value a lot. We conduct a series of profile checks and drug tests on all our technicians and employees.

Why Choose Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to Repair YourAC Unit?

      •     Quick, Precise Service- At Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide same-day assistance and repair to all types and models of AC units. We always bring the necessary equipment and parts with us as we arrive at your homes. So, our clients do not need to wait for many days for delivery before the AC repair can begin.
      •     Prompt Analysis and Answers – Our skilled AC repair experts can rapidly and correctly assess your AC problems. We locate the cause of the problem, and you can have your AC functioning again. It is fast and convenient. If you hear unusual sounds when the system turns on, the fact that the system is not working at its best condition, or speculate a leak, call us. We diagnose the problem and repair it for you on the same day.
      •    Efficient and Practical –For us, your time is always precious. We highly value it and aim to make your house as comfy as possible. We do it without spending too much money. Contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating now and learn about our services. And, find out why a lot of residents in the DFW area commend us as an AC repair company. Our expert technicians are among the best AC repair technicians in the area, and they can repair your air conditioning system fast and efficiently.