AC Maintenance in Carrollton, TX
June 1

The Value of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

You cannot set up an air conditioner and forget about it. That is because air conditioners contain several parts, such as filters, motors, and coils…. View Article Read More

May 2

9 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality This Summer

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. That means the quality of the air… View Article Read More

May 2

When Should My Air Conditioner Be Inspected?

Caring for the air conditioner in your Carrollton, Texas home is a year-round, multi-pronged effort. Although you can handle minor maintenance tasks like AC filter… View Article Read More

Fan coils in Carrollton, TX
April 25

8 Reasons to Regularly Change Your AC Filter

Maintaining the air conditioner in your Carrollton, TX home is an ongoing effort. In addition to scheduling annual AC tune-up, there are several tasks that… View Article Read More

Fan coils in Carrollton, TX
April 10

An In-Depth Look at Fan Coil Units

When you are looking for the best solution for maintaining your indoor temperature, you need to be aware of what options work best for your… View Article Read More

March 17

Understanding a Heat Pump’s Defrost Cycle

All heat pumps have a defrost cycle that is designed to ensure the unit doesn’t freeze up when it is heating in cold weather. The… View Article Read More

HVAC regulations in Carollton, TX
March 15

You Should Know About These 3 Major Changes in HVAC for 2023

One of the most important parts of caring for your Carrollton, TX home is maintaining an efficient and high-performing HVAC system. Heaters, air conditioners, and… View Article Read More

HVAC Maintenance in Carrollton, TX
February 15

How to Properly Maintain your HVAC System

Effective Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System There’s a direct correlation between how well you care for your HVAC system and its overall performance. If… View Article Read More

Furnace Repair in Carrollton, TX
February 5

What Are 3 Signs That you May Need a Furnace Repair?

3 Signs That May Mean You Need Furnace Repairs While gas furnaces are one of the most effective heating options, they can also experience a… View Article Read More

January 25

Dring and Kleen Air Merger

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating has proudly been servicing the DFW community for 70 years. Every step of the way, we have kept our customers… View Article Read More