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Allen Furnace Repair

If you have observed a drop in the condition of your furnace or if it has broken down completely, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Dring furnace repair your Allen HVAC professionals and experts at Dring Air Conditioning and Heating got you with all the needs of the furnace repair and services. Do not let your heating unit leave you in the cold during the winter season in Allen, Tx. Will your furnace not turn on? We can help you to fix the problem right away.  We understand that it is challenging to choose a contractor for Furnace Repair and Services in Allen. Consider Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to fix the problems with your furnaces. Our business has gathered a lot of certifications and awards that we are very proud of. We are one of the companies that Allen residents trust and rely on in times of problems. If you need furnace repair and services, we are here for you.  Our clients are our top priorities, and their satisfaction is what we live every day. If you have not made your mind on which company to do your furnace repair in Allen, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating is the answer to your furnace problems. Contact us today for your furnace repair and services needs in Allen, Tx. If it is time to get a new heating unit, we also have furnace replacement in Allen. While you are doing business with us, think of getting routine furnace maintenance from our experts that could help you prevent failures in the future. Our experts will explain to you how often your furnace needs inspections. Look at the guide below to get begun on troubleshooting your furnace. 

Allen TX Heating Repair

Inspect the Thermostat

Initially, ensure your thermostat is dictating your furnace to open. 

If you have a digital thermostat:

  • Interchange the batteries if the screen is blank. If you notice that the digital screen is disarranged, the thermostat may need replacement.
  • Be sure the switch is set to “heat” not “off” or “cool.”
  • Assure the program is presenting the correct day and time and is set to “run.” If you are having difficulty canceling the program, place the temperature by using the up/down arrows and press the “hold” button. It will make the furnace work if thermostat programming is creating a problem.
  • Increase the temperature placing to 5 degrees hotter than the room temperature.

If your furnace has not got started within some minutes, assure it has power by releasing the fan from auto to on. If the fan doesn’t work, your furnace might not have power. If you have a smart thermostat, troubleshooting depends on very model-specification. View the manufacturer’s website for assistance. If you still can’t get your Wi-Fi thermostat to run, contact us for help.

Check Breakers and Switches

Then, you will want to examine if your breaker and furnace switch are on.

  • Locate your house’s main electrical switch. If you do not know where it is, you can look for it in the basement, garage, or even closet. 
  • Always assure that your hands and feet are both dry before handling and touching the main switch and the breakers. 
  • Seek for the breaker marked furnace or heat, and assure it is turned on. If it is blocked, it will be in the middle or off state. 
  • By using your hand, tightly turn the breaker to the on the state. If it quickly blocks and pops back to off, do not attempt to touch it. Call a professional from Dring Air Conditioning and Heating immediately.
  • Be sure the switch is lifted in the on the state. If it was off, it could take your furnace up to five minutes or more to light. If you do not know where it is, you can look for it in the basement, garage, or even closet. It might also be in a passageway or attic.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Replace Your Furnace’s, Air Filter

In relevance to furnace concerns, a dirty, blocked air filter is often the top suspect.

If your filter is too filthy:

  • Your furnace won’t stay on; it might overheat from insufficient airflow. 
  • Your energy consumption increases since your furnace are on frequently. 
  • Your furnace might experience failure soon since a filthy filter lets it run overtime. 
  • Your furnace might discontinue working if there are too many specks of dirt in the filter, which cause the breaker to block. 

The air filter of your furnace can be seen in the blower compartment, attached filter case, or wall-mounted return air grille. Still, it depends on what kind of furnace you own at home. 

To change your air filter:

  • Shut off your furnace system.
  • Remove the filter and tilt it toward the light. If you can’t see the light passing it, you need to replace it.
  • Set up the new filter with the arrow facing the furnace to evade breakage.

Replace the flat filters every month. Your pleated filters should continue working for about three months. A washable filter is also a good idea to use. It can last for about ten years. If you have kids and animals at home, you may want to replace your filter more often. 

To make the method simple in the future, employ a permanent marker on your furnace to show the airflow movement and filter size. 

Check the Condensate Pan

Typically known as drain pans, condensate pans catch water from your furnace that leaves out from the air. 

If water is flowing out of your furnace or its pan has stagnant water in it, kindly follow these steps. 

  • If the pan has a drain, check that. It should not be full. If you need to drain it, utilize a pan-cleaning tablet that you can purchase from hardware stores. 
  • If it has a pump, check the float switch. If the switch is stuck up with stagnant water in it, call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating. You might need a new pump. 

Look Inside Your Furnace

If failures proceed, peek inside your furnace’s plastic window to verify the condition of the blower motor. The light might be at

tached to the surface of it, depending on the model. If you notice anything aside from a steady, colored light, call us. Your furnace may be transmitting wrong codes that require expert repair and services. 

Check the Flame Sensor

If your furnace tries to turn on, however, it turns off with no spreading heat; a dirty flame might be the culprit. When this happens, it will attempt to turn on three times before a safety feature switches it off for about an hour. If you feel at ease with opening your furnace, tidying the flame sensor is something you can do on your own. Or for more professional care, let Dring take care of the repair and services if necessary. 

If you want to refine the sensor on your own, you will need the following items:

  • A 1/4” hex screwdriver or wrench
  • Sandpaper, steel wool or emery cloth
  • A paper towel


  • Shut off the power of the furnace by using its wall switch or breaker. If your gas valve is not electric, you should shut it off too. 
  • Take off the furnace’s front panel and go after the wire to the flame sensor.
  • Unfasten the rod and utilize your sandpaper, steel wool, or emery cloth to scrub the metal rod.
  • Clean the rod with a paper towel.
  • Reascend the sensor.
  • Change the furnace doors.
  • Turn the furnace on again. It could go through a series of inspections before proceeding to the usual operation. If it does not light, you may need to replace the sensor, or maybe something is wrong in the furnace. If it occurs, contact us for help. We are more than willing to assist you anytime, anywhere.

Reignite the Pilot Light

If you are utilizing a more aged furnace, the pilot light could be shut off. To reignite it, look for the instructions on a label, or follow these steps.

  • Find the switch on the bottom of your furnace labeled “pilot,” “on” and “off.”
  • Turn the switch to the “off” status.
  • Wait for some minutes to prevent lighting up a fire.
  • Turn the handle to “pilot.”
  • Push the “reset” button as you bring the flame of a long lighter to the pilot light opening.
  • Free the “reset” button once the pilot light is lit.

If you have done the instructions two times and the pilot light still will not ignite or stay lit, contact us right away. 

Examine Your Fuel Supply

Try turning on another gas device. If it does not operate, your natural gas service could be switched off, or you could run out of propane.

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating for Your Furnaces Repairs

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating in Allen, Texas, have a reputation for more than 60 years. We have earned it from the good reviews of your clients. We have assisted a lot of families in Allen in saving up money by setting up efficient furnaces systems at their homes. We always guarantee that we accurately install the devices and well-maintained them after.

Let us help you. When you need furnace repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our experts and professional technicians will be there anytime, anywhere in Allen, Texas. 




Driving Directions to Dring Air Conditioning and Heating

About Allen TX

General Information

Things to do in Allen

1. The Grove at The Village

The Grove is a family friendly area located near The Village shopping outlet. The area includes BBQ and picnic areas, a caboose, a dog park and a Texas-shaped hedge maze- guaranteed fun for all the family. It also includes a running trail for those of us who want a work-out. This is the perfect venue for a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends and family.

The Grove

Address: 190 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75002

WebsiteThe Grove

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2. The Village


Need a little retail therapy? Open daily and with around 100 shops and restaurants The Village outlet is the place for you. You can also enjoy a little massage or beauty therapy at one of the many beauty salons in the shopping centre too. Look out for special events at the Allen Center such as ice hockey games or exhibitions. A trip to The Village can turn into a full day excursion as you take in all it has to offer.

The Village at Allen

Address: 190 E Stacy Rd, Allen, TX 75002

WebsiteThe Village

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3. Allen Heritage Village

Allen is rapidly developing, but despite this it still has a respect for its past. This is why it has placed such a heavy importance on the preservation of its oldest remaining homes. The Allen Heritage Village includes fascinating buildings such as homes, outhouses and even a restored church which have been relocated from their original site to the Heritage Village. The village has created an area where history buffs can observe well preserved pieces of history handily located on one site. The Heritage Village is very much an ongoing project with more and more houses lined up to be added to the already impressive collection.

Allen Heritage Village

Address: 2105 S Cynthia St, Mcallen, TX 78503

WebsiteHeritage Village

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4. The Allen Event Center
The Allen Event Center is home to a cacophony of sports, concerts and exhibitions throughout the year. From ‘ice-hockey games’ and ‘bull riding’ to ‘gun shows’ and ‘Country home and garden’ shows, this events centre is packed full of traditional American events every month. Before you book your trip to Allen be sure to check what’s on at the Event Center to get your slice of all-American life.

Allen Event Center

Address: 200 E Stacy Rd # 1350, Allen 75002

WebsiteEvent Center

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5. Hydrous Wake Park


Want to add a little adventure to your holiday? Look no further than Hydrous Wake Park. The park is one of the only cable wakeboarding parks in the USA. Both beginners and advanced wakeboarders are welcome at the park. Try to master some new skills and tricks at the park with friends for a fun day out.

Hydrous Wake Park

Address: 580 N Cedar Dr, Allen, TX 75002

Price: Prices start at 20 USD (15.35 GBP or 17.20 EUR)

WebsiteHydrous Wake Park

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6. Watters Creek


Watters Creek is another first class shopping outlet at Allen’s disposal. Filled with wonderful shops and restaurants visitors are spoilt for choice when they arrive at Watters Creek. The shopping centre also includes a hotel, offices, and a picturesque river running through the shopping area. Sitting along the river front with a cocktail after a long day of shopping is the dream that can be achieved at Watters Creek.

Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm

Address: 970 Garden Park Dr, Allen, TX 75013

WebsiteWatters Creek

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7. Celebration Park


Allen’s Celebration Park is the newest community park and it includes large areas for fun and relaxation such as BBQ pits, baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and playgrounds. During the summer months a ‘sprayground’ is opened to help fight those hot and humid days. Head over to Celebration Park for a relaxing day in the gorgeous Texan weather.

Celebration Park

Address: 701 Angel Pkwy. Malone Dr. and Angel Pkwy. Allen, TX 75002

WebsiteCelebration Park

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8. TopGolf


When someone asks you to play golf with them you might think of old businessmen in golf buggies playing 18 holes and talking shop, but at TopGolf nothing can be further from this truth. TopGolf cates for all types of clientele. Kids can come here for a fun summer academy and adults come here for a boozy birthday accompanied by live music. Open from 9am until late this venue is fun for everyone.

TopGolf, Allen

Address: 1500 Andrews Pkwy, Allen, TX 75002


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9. Nine-Band Brewing Company


Most people love a nice cold beer at the end of a long day. In Allen you can crack open a cold one at the very source of production. Visit the Nine-Band Brewery for a tour of the factory, some samples and a great location to chill out with some friends. There is no need to book in advance and tours are only 15 USD including some drink samples. After the tour you can relax in their large taproom and watch the sunset at the end of a lovely day.

Nine-Band Brewing Company

Address: 9 Prestige Cir, Allen, TX 75002

Price: 15 USD (11.55 GBP 12.90 EUR)

WebsiteNine-Band Brewery

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10. Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium


The Don Rodenbaugh is more than your typical local swimming pool. It also includes and water play park, and indoor climbing wall and fitness centre. Open for Red Cross lessons, swimming lessons and ‘open swim’ fun days, the Natatorium is a magnet for the mermaids among us.

Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium

Address: 110 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen, TX 75002

WebsiteDon Rodenbaugh Natatorium

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All-American fun


Allen, Texas is a great source of all-American fun. This affluent city screams Texan pride and offers a selection of activities for everyone looking for a good times. From wakeboarding to golf, from shopping to rodeo shows – you won’t get a chance to be bored in this city.

Transportation in Allen TX

International airports near Allen, TX

17 miles: Dallas, TX (DFW / KDFW) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
223 miles: Austin, TX (AUS / KAUS) Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
249 miles: Houston, TX (IAH / KIAH) George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Domestic airports near Allen, TX

14 miles: Dallas, TX (DAL / KDAL) Dallas Love Field
17 miles: Dallas, TX (DFW / KDFW) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
107 miles: Tyler, TX (TYR / KTYR) Tyler Pounds Regional Airport
115 miles: Waco, TX (ACT / KACT) Waco Regional Airport

Local airports near Allen, TX

5 miles: Addison, TX (ADS / KADS) Addison Airport
16 miles: Dallas, TX (QDF) Dallas Metropolitan Area
17 miles: Fort Worth, TX (GSW / KGSW) Greater Southwest International Airport (defunct)
17 miles: Dallas, TX (JDB / 49T) Dallas CBD Vertiport
23 miles: Dallas, TX (RBD / KRBD) Dallas Executive Airport
25 miles: Fort Worth, TX (MFT) Mangham Field
26 miles: Grand Prairie, TX (KGPM / GPM) Grand Prairie Municipal Airport
28 miles: Denton, TX (KDTO / DTO) Denton Municipal Airport
29 miles: Arlington, TX (KGKY / GKY) Arlington Municipal Airport
33 miles: Fort Worth, TX (AFW / KAFW) Fort Worth Alliance Airport

Nearby Schools

Nearby Towns

Nearby Towns and Suburbs

  • Parker is 4 miles to the south-east.
  • Fairview is 4 miles to the north-east.
  • Lucas is 5 miles to the east.
  • Plano is 6 miles to the south.
  • Murphy is 6 miles to the south-east.
  • McKinney is 7 miles to the north-east.
  • Lowry Crossing is 8 miles to the north-east.
  • Frisco is 9 miles to the west.
  • Wylie is 9 miles to the south-east.
  • Sachse is 9 miles to the south-east.
  • Richardson is 11 miles to the south.
  • Princeton is 11 miles to the north-east.
  • Prosper is 11 miles to the north-west.
  • The Colony is 12 miles to the west.
  • Garland is 13 miles to the south.
  • Addison is 13 miles to the south-west.
  • Melissa is 13 miles to the north-east.
  • Lavon is 14 miles to the east.
Local Parks

Allen’s Best Playgrounds and Play Areas

This enormous, colorful KidMania playground is one-acre and is said to be the largest handicap-accessible playground in Texas! It’s all connected, so Mom, put on your running shoes if you want to keep up with your kiddos! One mom warns to watch younger children carefully as they could slip through open areas of the playground. May 1-Oct 31 the water jets at the adjacent spray ground run daily (except Wednesdays). Swings (including a designated swing for handicapped children), covered pavilion, BBQs and picnic tables are nearby. Large open areas, hike and bike trails, lighted tennis courts and soccer fields, and restrooms. (See photo at top.)
701 Angel Parkway, Allen

Green Park, Allen
This park, with a first-responder theme, is located adjacent to a fire station. The “police station” portion is reserved for children 2-5 years, and the larger “fire engine and house” structure is designed for ages 5-12. Bonus: There is a public restroom in the lobby of the fire station.
1305 Comanche Dr, Allen

Railway Shopping Express at Allen Premium Outlet Mall
Located between Skechers and the exit to the North Parking lot, this train-themed playground is not only shaded but has Coca-Cola vending machines adjacent to the playground.

820 W Stacy Rd #430, Allen

Spirit Park, Allen
This playground is designed to look like a hideout, including the setting on the edge of a wooded area. In addition to the large play structure, there are swings, a smaller structure for younger children, public art, softball fields, and restrooms. (See photo at top.)
1151 Ridgeview Dr, Allen

Twin Creeks Park, Allen
The two playground zip lines is what makes this park unique and loads of fun–even for adults! A small climbing rock and playground equipment is nearby. (See photo at top.)
803 Shallowater Dr., Allen

Waterford Park, Allen
This is one of the best parks for elementary school boys in Allen. The playground is built in the shape of a rocket ship, complete with controls and two slides. Warning: There are open areas at the top of the ship where smaller children may fall through. There is a smaller rocket ship playground for toddlers, but experience is that the little ones will also want to be up at the top of the large ship. A small rocket ship “rider” completes this amazing park. A creek runs behind the playground. No restrooms.

1226 Copano Drive, Allen

Watters Creek Treehouse, Allen
A giant tree house complete with a slide and tunnel below are located above the creek on The Green (parallels Village Green Drive). The upper level of the tree house does fit a wheelchair; areas in the lower level do not. (See photo at top.)
Village Green Drive, Allen (Watters Creek Shopping Center)