Managing your indoor climate with mini-splits in Farmers Branch, TX can provide a no-compromise solution. Have you been using window units or swamp coolers to try to get comfortable? Ductless air conditioners will deliver fresh, cool air without ductwork. They use a unit mounted outside like central air with small, through-wall refrigerant lines. You get local temperature control in a compact air circulation unit for each of up to four rooms. It’s no wonder these versatile AC units have been used around the world for decades!

Versatile Mini-Splits Experts in Farmers Branch

The impact of ductless air conditioners can be dramatic. With locally-based cooling through a small delivery unit that circulates local air, it’s easily installed and has minimal visual impact. Mini-splits can be used without bringing the whole house AC online just to cool one room, such as a home office. Since air is circulated just within the room, the air intake and vents are all local. HEPA filtration is also available.