Air conditioning technologies make it possible for people to comfortably reside in areas that are excessively humid and hot. Without this equipment, consumers have a high likelihood of developing health issues such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion among others. Whether your home has an existing system that is reaching the end of its projected lifespan or has never had cooling at all, Dring Air Conditioning & Heating can help. We offer a comprehensive suite of repair and maintenance services that are reliable, affordably priced, and guaranteed to provide top value. We are also the top choice for AC system installation in Fort Worth TX.

It may be that your Texas home lacks ductwork. This is necessary for supporting central HVAC systems. Fortunately, recent innovations in HVAC technologies have made it possible for homeowners to add cooling to their properties without having to pay the high costs of post-construction ductwork installation. Also known as mini-split or ductless mini-split systems, these advances deliver cooled air much as central systems do.

With a ductless system design, you can expect minimal changes in the actual building structure along with the ability to customize cooling throughout the home. These zoned systems make it possible for residents to only cool the rooms that they are using. This translates into lower energy costs, smaller carbon footprints, and far higher levels of efficiency all-around.

Our team can additionally help with the install of new central cooling systems. If you have old, outdated AC equipment, we can help you find a model that’s perfect for your building size, and right for the needs of your family. Given our impressive and long-standing relationships with the top HVAC suppliers, we can find excellent options at nearly every targeted price point.

You can also count on us for keeping your current equipment in top condition. Our annual and seasonal tune-up services are great for prolonging the lifespan of existing systems, and for improving indoor air quality. We always offer needs-specific solutions and all the information that homeowners need for making their own informed decisions concerning this aspect of their properties. Call Dring Air Conditioning & Heating today to learn more about the systems and solutions we supply, or to set up an appointment.

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