When it comes to your home’s HVAC system, you have a few options of who can work on it. You can hire a licensed HVAC professional or a handyman to do the work. While you may at first consider a handyman cheaper, there are a plethora of essential reasons why it’s always best to consult a licensed HVAC professional.

Proper Training

The most obvious reason that you’ll want to opt for hiring an HVAC professional over a regular contractor is that they have undergone proper training. In order to operate as an HVAC provider, technicians must pass state licensing exams. This showcases their knowledge and ability to install, maintain and repair HVAC-related issues. It’s crucial to regard HVAC technicians as contractors in a specialty field that require specialized knowledge as compared to general contractors.

Specialized Tools

Being a licensed professional, an HVAC technician will have the right specialized tools to work on your HVAC system. While it’s true that some repairs can be done with a screwdriver and pliers, that’s not the case for all repairs. HVAC technicians handle testing equipment and even refrigerant, which requires proper safety to keep everyone healthy. Your average contractor is unlikely to carry these specialized tools that are necessary for installing, repairing and maintaining your heating and cooling system.


A great benefit of a licensed HVAC company is that they are required to have insurance. This insurance will help to cover the costs of any damage that may occur to your home when a technician is providing service. We all know that mistakes can happen from time to time. Having an HVAC technician who is insured is a great way to mitigate your risk of being in that odd scenario.


Another great reason to always opt for an HVAC company over just a contracting company is that they have HVAC-specific experience. They know how your system operates and can assess repair issues quickly. Contractors who are not used to working with HVAC equipment on a regular basis will not only take longer to complete repairs, but they may also do them incorrectly. It’s best to rely on an HVAC professional who has a plethora of experience working with HVAC equipment every day.

System Warranty

If you pull out your manufacturer’s warranty contract for your HVAC system, you’ll likely find that it requires you to hire a licensed and certified technician. If you opt for having a run-of-the-mill contractor perform your HVAC maintenance or repairs, it can actually void the remaining warranty coverage on your system. You don’t want to try and save a few bucks now by hiring a general contractor to only find out that you have to pay much more out of pocket for future repair bills that your warranty will no longer cover.


Your HVAC system is comprised of some components that can be dangerous when not handled correctly. For example, if you have an oil-burning furnace, it needs to be properly vented outside. If not, these harmful exhaust fumes can back up into your home and be potentially fatal. Additionally, the refrigerant used inside most HVAC systems can be damaging to your health in large amounts. HVAC contractors have the experience to identify safety hazards and manage them in a safe manner to keep everyone healthy in your home. Your average contractor may not be able to identify these safety hazards and can unintentionally cause harm to your family and your home.

Code Standards

No matter where you live throughout the country, there are specific code standards that must be followed regarding your HVAC system. Those who are licensed HVAC professionals are knowledgeable about the codes for your area. They had to show proficiency in knowing them in order to get the proper licensing to operate. You don’t want to use a regular contractor who doesn’t know code standards and fall victim to code violations.

Identify Foreseeable Problems

An HVAC technician is trained to understand how various heating and cooling systems operate. They deal with repairs on a regular basis, which allows them to see a variety of problems that an HVAC system may develop. This specialized knowledge allows them to easily foresee any issues that may be present with your HVAC system. For example, if your blower belt is starting to fray, they can identify this problem and relay it to you. This will give you adequate time to have it fixed before it creates an unwanted breakdown at the wrong time.

Peace of Mind

A very important factor that many people skip over in their decision of whether or not to hire a licensed HVAC contractor is the peace of mind that they can gain from doing so. When you hire a professional who you know has the experience and knowledge to handle a specific problem, it allows you to rest assured knowing that the job will get done correctly. When you hire someone who doesn’t have specialized knowledge in that field, it can create doubt in your mind. You may continue to worry about the repairs and fear that they may not stick around for the long term.

Quick Diagnosis

When you’re experiencing a problem with your heating or cooling system, it usually happens at an inopportune time. For example, your heating system may start to malfunction in the middle of a cold winter night. Having an HVAC professional come in and quickly diagnose the issue so that it can be fixed is a huge plus. You don’t want to bring in a run-of-the-mill contractor who spends hours trying to diagnose the issue. Time is always a factor when it comes to HVAC repairs, and licensed HVAC professionals are superior at quick diagnoses and system repairs.

Save Time

You also don’t want to fall into the trap of investing your valuable time in tracking down a cheap contractor who has subpar knowledge and experience of HVAC systems. Rather, when you call an HVAC professional, you can be confident that they have knowledge about heating and cooling systems. You don’t have to ask them if it’s something they can handle.

Understanding of Latest Technology

HVAC professionals receive constant education regarding upgrades and the latest technology advancements in the HVAC industry. When it comes to replacing your current HVAC system, a professional can assist you in determining the best options to meet your needs. They can introduce you to new technology that can provide more energy-efficient operation and more cash savings to you. The average general contractor likely won’t have this up-to-date knowledge about new HVAC products and may unintentionally recommend to you outdated and less efficient systems.

Reliable HVAC Services

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