Is it time to get your ducks in a row? According to EnergyStar, roughly 20-30% of the conditioned air that flows through your ducts gets lost due to cracks, gaps, and holes. If you want to improve your indoor air quality and the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit, then it’s a good idea to always ensure your ducts are free from contaminants and possible damage.

Inspecting Your Air Ducts:

There are a few materials you’ll need to properly inspect your air ducts, including:

  • Flashlight
  • Camera with a flash
  • Screwdriver
  • Incense Or Toilet Paper

Yes, incense or toilet paper is on the list. That’s because you can always test for leaks by using a piece of lit incense or a thin piece of toilet paper. If you see the paper or smoke getting sucked in or blown out of the ducts, that’s an indication you have a leak.
However, it’s always a good idea for homeowners to contact professionals to do the inspection of their air ducts since leaks can be tough to find. In fact, most homeowners don’t know they have tears or disconnections in their air ducts because they’re not noticeable. Therefore, inspections usually require professional methods for the most accurate analysis. At Dring Air Conditioning & Heating, we have the right equipment and tools to inspect your air ducts properly.

Cleaning Your Air Ducts:

According to the EPA, it’s estimated that the air inside your home is two to five times dirtier than the air outside. It’s important to have a professional perform air duct cleaning every three to five years, depending on the activity in your home. It is especially important to keep your air ducts cleaned if:

  • You have children and/or seniors living in your home
  • You have pets
  • You have asthma or allergies
  • You’ve recently renovated or purchased your home
  • You don’t recall ever having your ducts cleaned in the past
  • Investing in air duct cleaning provides better air quality, so you’re not breathing in all that dust, dirt, and debris. Not only that, but an air duct cleaning also improves the overall efficiency of your HVAC unit.

    Sealing Your Air Ducts:

    A duct system that’s properly sealed and well-designed will create a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and safer living environment for you and your family. If your air ducts aren’t sealed properly, or they have holes and gaps, you’re losing money and also losing convenience. To seal your air ducts, you’ll want to:

    1. Clean and Dry The Area You Wish To Seal: Prepare the area for mastic sealant or aluminum foil tape. Before sticking the sealant or tape to the surface, you’ll want to clean the area and make sure it’s completely dry before proceeding.
    2. Apply Sealant or Tape: After the area has completely dried, apply the mastic sealant or aluminum foil tape to the surface. It’s very important you don’t apply sealant or tape to the insulation or sleeve. You want to apply it directly to the duct itself. If you’re dealing with a larger gap, it’s important you use fiberglass mesh tape and mastic – or call a professional for help.

    When In Doubt… Give Dring Air Conditioning & Heating A Ring!

    Your air ducts are complex and inspecting, sealing, and cleaning them can prove challenging if you don’t have the right equipment or expertise. It’s always a good idea to leave it to the pros. Dring Air Conditioning & Heating is here for all your duct testing, sealing, and cleaning needs in the DFW area. Call us today or fill out our online form here.

    Dennis Chaisson

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