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Summer special you can pick either a service call or a tuneup both are $39 and include 2lbs of freon.

$39 AC or Heating Tune-up.

Includes up to 2lbs of freon if necessary.

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Duct and dryer vent cleaning.

Irving Furnace Repair

When the cold months come, you may want to have a dependable furnace system that can make you feel hot and meet your heating needs. Homeowners in Irving, Tx, choose Dring Air Conditioning and Heating as their Furnace Repair Services since we are experts and trusted.

As we provide the best service and brands to them, we offer quality products that they can depend on as we do. Our professional service advisors will recommend and assist you in selecting the best furnace system to be installed in your home or office. You can rely on it for many years. 

Safety First

When you have an issue with your furnace system, contact an expert to look after your furnace system. Call our technician for furnace service and repair it if needed. Some furnace systems are highly combustible and can cause severe damage when you do it yourself. 

We strongly suggest that you let a professional maintain and clean your furnace system at least two times a year. And make sure to keep it clean to avoid possible dangers. 

Most Common Furnace Issues

We have been repairing furnace systems in Irving, Tx, for more than 60 years. We can assess and fix any problems regarding your furnace system. These are the most common furnace problems. 

  1. Your furnace system will not turn on. 

First thing first, look at the thermostat to ensure you set it right. If you set it right, and the furnace still will not start, the issues could be the following: 

  • A not working pilot light
  • Blocked gas or propane run
  • A tripped or failed circuit breaker.

2. There is no sufficient heat from your furnace system. 

One more time, examine your thermostat first. If you set it rightly, the problem may be:

  • Broken duct work
  • A filthy filter
  • Not balanced airflow in your house

3. There is a strange noise coming out of your furnace system. 

Here is a summary of the most usual sounds and their reasons:

  • Loud sounds when the furnace turns on– A big bang while turning on the system can mean many issues. The sound depends on the problem it may have. It may face delayed ignition, a filthy condenser, a damaged motor, etc. If you encounter issues like these, call Dring as soon as you can. 
  • Growling noises from the furnace system– Growling may signify that oil is leaking from a vent on the ground and burning. If you hear this sound, contact us immediately. Oil burning is dangerous. 
  • Clacking or crashing furnace sounds– A clack or crash that begins before the blower starts can suggest your furnace has a broken heat exchanger. It is another dangerous carbon monoxide emergency, contact us immediately if you hear this noise.
  • Murmuring, whistling, or buzzing from the furnace system– These sounds can occur when something is unattached inside the system, or when there is an issue with your furnace’s gears.

How Do I Know If I Need a  Furnace Replacement?

When your furnace system breaks down and cannot give your house the heat it needs, it is the perfect time to replace it. These are the common question you can ask yourself to see if it the right time to schedule a new one and have it installed in your home: 

  • Is it more than 15 – 20 years old?An old furnace usually performs less and possibly makes higher electricity bills than a brand-new furnace system would do. 
  • Have your electricity bills been skyrocketing for no reason?As your furnace system loses its efficiency, it works double time. It costs you more than the usual bill that you may have. 
  • Is your furnace repair higher than 500$?- If yes, setting up a new, practical model is a better purchase and will conserve your money.

If you cannot decide whether you need a furnace repair or replacement, contact us for our suggestions. We can help you determine the most effective answer for your Irving home. 

Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups in Irving, Tx

Proper furnace maintenance is the main element in maintaining your system working fine and efficient. Studies show that your HVAC system can use from 45 to 70% of your yearly electricity usage. Keeping your system well-upkeep helps maintain that percentage as low as possible.  

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your furnace system working as it should be. Annual scheduled professional furnace system maintenance for your Irving heating system at home helps keep it functioning at its highest efficiency. It can help you spot furnace issues before they occur!

No one in Irving deserves their furnace to run out of its life in the middle of the snow and winter. 

Call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to book an appointment for a furnace or air conditioning tune-up in the Irving and surrounding areas. 

Contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating for Furnace Repair Irving, Tx

Why contact us? Dring offers:

  • Options. Our technicians assure that you know the system we are putting up, how many hours it takes, and how much money it needs—and the reasons for having it installed. They will also show choices to you if necessary. 
  • Expert installation technicians at Dring attend training to familiarize themselves with the latest technology on the market. It helps them to be on top despite the new technologies. So, they educate themselves and learn new ways to assist our customers.
  • Emergency service. Never forget that we offer 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs and services. 

Do not allow the cold breeze to find its way into your home during the winter. Let our furnace repair technicians bring back your heating system to its finest condition. Contact us today to experience the best service in Irving, Tx. Book an appointment by calling us or visiting our website. 

When you decide to work with Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, you get a committed team of specialists who practice in the highest quality HVAC services and customer satisfaction. 

At Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, we’ve been serving Irving and surrounding areas since 1953! With a long history of outstanding customer satisfaction and a team of trained professionals, we are here to help maintain your home warm all days of the year!