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Lewisville Furnace Repair

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating is a reliable furnace company in Lewisville, Tx, that gives the most extensive, technically high-level heating repair services. So, when your furnace system or heater cannot perform well or fails, call us!

When you notice an issue with your furnace system, do not take risks. Your comfort is at stake if you take chances. Rely on licensed and skilled professionals from Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to secure your safety, money, and customer satisfaction. 

Is there something wrong with your furnace or heating system?

Contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, your top heating and furnace provider in Lewisville, Tx! Give us a call now!

Extensive Lewisville Furnace Repair Services

If your heating system is coping to make your home warm, or it has stopped running, it might be the time where regular maintenance can help.

The Lewisville professionals at Dring Air Conditioning and Heating offer the most extensive, high-technology furnace system repair services, so when something goes off, call us then. 

If you observe these following indications, give us a call right away for Lewisville furnace system repair:

  • Skyrocketing electricity bills
  • The warmth inside the house is unevenly spread. 
  • An unusual sound is coming out of the furnace system. 
  • There is cold air blowing off from the vents.
  • The furnace system is switching on and off. 
  • The pilot light of the furnace system is drained. 

Gas Furnace Repair Services for Lewisville Homes

Furnace systems like gas furnaces are reliable, lasting its life for around 20 years with regular maintenance. With modern technology, gas furnaces are among the most dependable and most energy-saving in the market. 

Since they depend on fuel, owners need to take care of these and clean them usually. A common problem with this system is the pilot light. If it turns yellowish or there is no light at all, you have to call our Lewisville furnace technicians to have them repaired and examined. 

Electric Furnace Repair Services in Lewisville, Tx

This type of furnace system is an excellent addition to your home if you do not like the idea of fire to warm your Lewisville home. But you have to consider the cost, it seems to be higher than the gas furnace. So, it is significantly essential to decrease heat loss by ductwork and have your furnace system checked for its efficiency.  

The usual issues with electric furnaces involve filthy filters and lack of lubrication in air blowers and motors. If your system is showing some problems, contact our Lewisville technicians for furnace repairs before the costs increase. 

Indications You Require Furnace Repair and Service in Lewisville, Tx

When your furnace system faces problems, it will begin to show clear warning signs—knowing what you notice can help you when to call your Lewisville furnace repair contractor. It can make a significant impact on your system if you act fast. It will be a reasonable repair and fewer headaches later if you discover earlier what must be done with your furnace system. 

The list below are the common indications that your furnace system requires repairs for your Lewisville homes: 

  • Rising electricity bills– If you use your electricity wisely, but still your bills have gone up, it might be that your furnace system is operating double time to generate sufficient heat to keep your house warm. You must contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to inspect your furnace system as soon as possible. The longer you delay it, the chances are you will need a furnace replacement rather than a few repairs. 
  • There are cold areas in the house.If the warmth is not divided equally in the house and there are cold spots, you might need to have your ducts checked. It is a usual indication of an airflow problem, and the best solution is to contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to check and locate the issue. 
  • There are weird sounds in your furnace system.- It is unusual for critters or insects to look for ways to go into the ductwork, but if nothing is dwelling in your vents, the suspect is possibly your furnace system. It is common to hear humming sounds for your furnace, but loud strange noise, banging, and crashing are sure indications that something goes wrong. 
  • Cold air is blowing off from the vents instead of warm air.– If your furnace system is not generating warm air, there might be an issue with your heat exchanger or thermostat. Examine your thermostat, and if the problem continues, contact us right away.
  • The cycling system is short.It is usually an airflow difficulty and can lead to a lot of things, like a sizable furnace or compact ducts. 
  • The blower fan continues working.If you have examined your thermostat to ensure it is placed to AUTO rather than ON, you need to contact us to inspect and fix the problem.
  • The pilot light is not working.Your pilot light needs to be reignited. If you do not have any idea on how to do it, or you are not confident about doing it, give us a call to work on your furnace system. 

24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair in Lewisville TX

Get your furnace system repaired-form gas furnaces to electric furnaces. Dring Air Conditioning and Heating professionally specialized on various types of HVAC devices. If you encounter a furnace system emergency, we are here to secure your safety anytime, anywhere. Alongside with our expert technicians, we provide a high standard of repair and service to all our clients in Lewisville, Tx.

Furnace system services and repair from Dring Air Conditioning and Heating

You must not deal with your furnace issues all by yourself. Call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating today, and our Lewisville heating technicians will be at the doorsteps of your house in no time. 

More than anything, we respect the residents in Lewisville and surrounding areas. It is why we have gained tons of experience in furnace repairs and services. Also, for the hotter season, we offer air conditioning installation and air conditioning repairs. 

Call Dring Air Conditioning and Heating professional technicians when you have to repair your furnace system in Lewisville, Tx. Don’t be alone in the cold winter months with a defective or inefficient furnace and heating system. Contact Dring technicians today.