Dring Air Conditioning & Heating has been a leading provider of all things HVAC in Lewisville, TX since 1953. We’ve been around so long because we know that our customers are the most important part of our business and always treat them like family. In fact, we’re one of the few family-owned and operated businesses in the area. Our goal is to give you year-round indoor comfort by providing comprehensive HVAC services and indoor air quality improvement options. Whether your goal is to save money on your monthly electric bill, reduce your energy use, or gain access to reliable heating and cooling systems, we can help. Our installation service includes everything from installation and maintenance to repairs.

    We keep it simple. If you need HVAC help, we offer it with no hassle and no hidden fees.

    Our HVAC Services Include:
    • Heat Pumps
    • Mini-Splits
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Duct Cleaning
    • Air Purifiers
    • UV Lights
    • Thermostats
    • Air Duct Installation
    • Fan Coils

    Reliable Service for HVAC in Lewisville

    HVAC in Lewisville, TX If your home isn’t as warm or as cool as you’d like, it might mean there’s something wrong with your heating and cooling unit. Whether your furnace isn’t kicking on when the temperature drops or your AC unit leaves you sweating in upstairs rooms, it’s important to act fast when there’s a problem. Our same-day service means you don’t have small problems that balloon out of control due to long wait times for service.

    If you aren’t sure if there’s a problem, check your unit of signs like short cycling where your unit turns on, runs for a few minutes and turns back off before your home reaches the desired temperature. Hard starting, where you can hear your furnace or air conditioner fighting to turn on can also be a sign that it’s time to call in an expert.

    If you need HVAC services in Lewisville, call us in as soon as you notice one of these common issues:
    • Unpleasant odors or strange noises when running your unit
    • Short cycling or hard starting
    • Heating or cooling that doesn’t reach the whole house
    • Inconsistent air quality
    • Unresponsive thermostat

    Top-Notch Installation HVAC Services

    Older heating and cooling units aren’t as efficient as modern alternatives. In fact, recent changes in building codes mean that newer homes come with HVAC units that are substantially more energy efficient than those built even 10 years ago. Changing to a newer model can be a great way to save on the cost of heating and cooling your home. At Dring Air Conditioning & Heating, our installation service includes help with unit selection and load calculations designed to give you the right-sized unit for your home. Install a unit that’s too big, and it increases your running costs, while a unit that is too small can run nonstop, increasing the wear and tear on the unit. With our professional expertise, you always get a unit that is sized properly to meet your needs. Ask about rebates and energy-efficiency tax programs to find out more about how to save money with a new AC installation.

    Professional Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

    When you sign up for our annual heating and cooling maintenance plans, you get comprehensive inspections for both units, thorough cleanings, filter swaps, and more. Plus, the plan comes with priority scheduling and guaranteed repairs within 24-hours.

    We’re one of the oldest service companies in the Lewisville area, which is why we prioritize your satisfaction. Our same-day, 24/7 emergency service means you’re never left out in the cold when your heater has a breakdown or your sweltering because your air conditioner isn’t working. You can tell we put customers first from our award-winning service. We’re a Carrier Distinguished Dealer Award winner and have a Best of 2021 award from Home Advisor. Combined with our 5-star rating on Home Services Review and an A+ rating on the BBB and you can see that our service is always aimed at the top of the industry.

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    Dring Air Conditioning & Heating is a leading provider of HVAC services in Lewisville. If you need same-day service or have questions about installing a new unit, give us a call today for a fast appointment and upfront pricing!