For efficient, versatile cooling where it’s needed, nothing beats mini-splits in Lewisville, TX. They provide a direct line to each room cooled, and don’t take up window space, creating a security concern. These ductless air conditioners circulate air within the room from a small but sophisticated distribution head. Remote control, motion sensors, timed thermostats, even wi-fi smartphone management are available to manage these intelligent units. Up to four rooms can be cooled per main unit, using small through-wall refrigerant lines to each one.

Versatile Mini-Splits AC in Lewisville

Imagine permanently installed, convenient ductless air conditioners keeping your rooms cool without ductwork. With the efficiency of a central compressor unit, they circulate air locally with optional HEPA filtration. Giving you control of your comfort, they have advanced modern controls. Cool every room in your home with one or more mini-splits, or keep your central air on standby while your home office stays cool.