An air conditioning unit can do wonders for keeping the warmer months more comfortable and ensuring air quality. However, the last thing you want is pesky, hefty repair fees and stress during a hot day. So here are the dos and don’ts of air conditioning maintenance.

Do: Schedule Regular Maintenance

To have a functional, long-lasting air conditioning unit, you should always schedule preventative maintenance to preserve its integrity. Scheduling professional services from a certified air conditioning and heating technician can help you save time and money on hefty repairs and fees later.

Hiring a technician should be an understatement. Certified professionals can help inspect your air conditioning unit and perform preventative measures. Don’t skip out on regular maintenance or scheduled inspections, as they’re integral to maintaining your air conditioning unit’s lifespan.

Don’t: Run AC Systems 24/7

If there’s one thing every homeowner should know, it’s to not rely on your AC unit all day, every day. You should only use your AC unit periodically and have it on stand-by throughout the day for optimal functionality and the convenience of your health. See which methods of AC unit regulation work best for you so that you don’t have to rely on them constantly.

Do: Change Your Filters Regularly

Your air conditioning unit should easily direct cool, clean air throughout your home in the available ventilation ducts. So having clean air filters is essential for guaranteeing effective cool air displacement and keeping your home comfortable during the warmer seasons.

You ideally want to change your air filters every three months unless directly the manufacturer directly states otherwise. Dirty, clogged air filters can make your air conditioning unit work harder than it should, resulting in higher utility bills and energy use. So ensuring they’re clean will help keep your AC unit optimally functional without needing drastic repairs or replacements.

Don’t: Overcrowd Your Nearby Vents

When it comes to air conditioning maintenance do’s and don’ts, one thing you should never do is have crowded AC vents. Your AC vents must direct cool air throughout your home safely and effectively. By blocking your AC vents, you can easily interrupt your airflow. Keep plants, books, boxes, electronics, and other obstructions away from your vents.

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