When the temperature in your home is nice and comfortable, particularly during the hottest and coldest months of the year, you probably don’t think too much about the equipment used to maintain that pleasant environment. In the event that a problem occurs, however, you might begin to wonder what exactly is going on behind the walls. Static pressure is one potential cause of an issue with the HVAC system in your home.

Defining Static Pressure

Essentially, static pressure is the amount of resistance to airflow in the parts of your home’s HVAC system. For example, there could be too much pressure in the ductwork. Problems with static pressure can lead to discomfort and other issues at home. First, though, consider the reasons why the static pressure may be unbalanced to begin with.

Old Equipment or System

An old HVAC system or worn pieces of equipment could be causing the problems with the static pressure. Over time, the components of a system begin to break down. If you have been using the same air conditioning and heating systems that your grandparents used when they first bought the house many decades ago, the equipment may very well be in need of some upgrades. Even newer equipment needs to be maintained regularly.

Home Expansion

Recent renovations might be the cause for the issues with static pressure in your home’s HVAC system. Maybe you recently added on another bedroom to the second floor, or perhaps you had the construction team put up a den where your family can now relax during cozy winter evenings. In any case, the heating and cooling demands of your house have changed. The extra work that the system has to do might have led to the issues with static pressure. Professionals in HVAC work will need to check out the system and see what upgrades are necessary to keep up with the home’s evolving demands.

Poor Installation

Perhaps you moved into the house only a short while ago, or maybe you recently had the HVAC system updated and renovated. In other words, these problems with the static pressure might be rather unexpected. Unfortunately, the work might have been poorly completed. Installing an HVAC system is a job that needs to be left to experienced and trusted professionals. If you believe that the work was done improperly, you will likely have to hire a different team to fix the issues.

Dirty Filters

While some problems with HVAC systems require a major overhaul, other issues can be resolved with a simple cleaning. Depending upon the type of system in your home, you might be able to clean the filters independently. Contact a professional to find out how often the filters for your specific system need to be cleaned and if the work has to be done by experts. Put notifications in your phone or planner to remind you when to tackle the cleanings.

Loud Noises

Now that you’ve learned about some issues that can lead to problems with the static pressure in your home’s HVAC system, you can begin to recognize the signs that such a situation is occurring in your home. Loud noises are often associated with issues involving static pressure in the home’s HVAC system. While heating and cooling systems do sometimes emit fairly minor noises, you should not be constantly hearing clanging or other such sounds when trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Hot and Cold Spots

If an issue with the static pressure is present in your HVAC system, you’re also likely to notice that some spots of the house are unusually warm or cold. For example, while the air conditioning is on during a hot summer’s day, you might feel refreshed but then pass by one spot in the room that is warm. Issues with static pressure can cause inconsistencies in temperature. Your home is supposed to be heated and cooled in a consistent fashion.

Constant Repairs

You also might find that you’re constantly calling professionals to repair your HVAC system. Another possibility is that you are frequently trying do-it-yourself solutions, which could actually end up further damaging the system. Instead of toying around with this important system and potentially causing irreversible damage, give trusted experts in your area a call to identify the source of the issue.


If you’ve been seeing puddles around your house or the components of the HVAC system for no other identifiable reason, the heating and cooling in your home might have issues with static pressure. Whether the leaks result from issues with the static pressure or not, this issue is definitely one that you want to leave to the experts. Think about the dangerous combination of water and electricity. Ask the experts what safety precautions you should take before your repair appointment.

Continued Discomfort

You might wonder what will happen if you simply allow these issues to continue without repair. One effect of lingering problems with static pressure is that you won’t get to feel fully comfortable in your home. The house may always have unpleasant warm or cold spots. In addition to dealing with uncomfortable temperatures, you may also continue to near noises. Furthermore, as the problems with the static pressure get worse over time, these issues will likely grow.

Further Damage

Allowing the problems with the static pressure to grow could lead to complete destruction of the HVAC system. Instead of simply having one warm spot in the house on a sweltering hot day, you may have to deal with a home that does not have any air conditioning at all. The extra work that the parts have to do to compensate for the issues with static pressure could lead to an early demise of your home’s HVAC system.

More Money

You may be shying away from getting the work done now because you don’t want to spend the money. However, think about much replacing the home’s entire HVAC system could cost. Instead of allowing the problem to grow into a tremendously expensive one, take care of the necessary repairs now. At this time, the team might be able to make some moderate repairs to rejuvenate the system. If you left the problems continue to fester, you could end up paying a lot more.

Difficulty Selling

If you are planning to put your house on the market, make taking care of the HVAC issues a priority. Most buyers don’t want to have to do tremendous amounts of work on their new homes. In other words, problems with the HVAC system in your house could mean that you get few offers for your home or that the offers are quite low.

Static pressure is a problem that the professionals in Carrollton can take care of. The team members also work in the surrounding areas. Further, the experts are available to assist with the indoor air quality in your home. When you’re looking to make your home a more livable and comfortable environment, contact Dring Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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