Your air conditioner is essential to fighting back the unbearable heat. Even though your system has many functions, it can be easy to fall into using the same one each summer. Learning how to utilize your AC unit’s many functions will boost your indoor comfort control. Dry mode is a relatively new setting that lowers your energy usage while tackling high humidity levels. This guide will help you better understand the uses and benefits of your AC unit’s dry mode.

Understanding Dry Mode

Your air conditioner’s dry mode allows it to act like a
dehumidifier. Rather than producing cold air, the system will instead remove moisture from the home. This setting lowers the speed of your unit’s fan and compressor. A high humidity level makes it harder for your air conditioner to function. Instead of wasting energy by running a full cool cycle, you can instead turn on the dry mode.

Running dry mode is less expensive than trying to directly change the temperature in your home. By removing airborne moisture, your air conditioner will have an easier time keeping your family comfortable. Dry mode is only intended to be used occasionally. If you find you’re frequently struggling with humidity issues, it’s more practical to invest in a separate dehumidifier. Consistently high humidity will negatively impact your household appliances and health over time.

Cool and Dry Modes

Cool mode is often indicated by a snowflake on the thermostat. You’re likely also familiar with the auto and fan modes, which can help move air through the ducts without necessarily cooling it. In cool mode, your AC unit runs warm air over refrigerated coils and then forces that cool air back into your living space. The compressor and fan have to run at full speed to cool your home quickly. Dry mode is a relatively recent advancement designed to boost your indoor environmental control.

Dry mode enables you to tackle your home’s humidity issues that may be impacting your AC unit’s cooling efficiency. Dry mode isn’t cooling the home but is rather sucking out excess humidity. In summary, cool mode removes heat while dry mode removes moisture. The results of both these functions often feel the same but their methods are very different. Utilizing both of these modes appropriately can save you money during the hottest summer days.

Using Dry Mode

While you may want to cut costs by only running dry mode, it won’t be effective if your home isn’t humid. It’s a good idea to use this mode sporadically in the spring or fall when rain is more common. Dry mode is most effective if your home’s humidity has reached extreme levels and cool mode just isn’t working. If both the humidity and temperature are high, opt for cool mode. If outdoor temperatures are mild but the humidity is too high, turn on dry mode.

Don’t leave your AC unit running for too long on the dry mode setting. A healthy humidity level is often between 30 to 50 percent. Too little moisture in the air can negatively impact your health the same as too much moisture. Some units will allow you to set a target humidity level automatically. Smart systems can pair nicely with a wireless humidity monitor if your system does not contain a built-in humidity gauge. Your HVAC professional can help you to correctly set the pairing if you have issues.

Benefits of Dry Mode

For homes with mild humidity issues, dry mode saves you the hassle and cost of buying a separate dehumidifier. This AC unit function can efficiently pull moisture from all rooms of your home. Dry mode enables you to feel more comfortable on those unpleasant high-humidity days during the wet seasons.

By lowering your home’s humidity level, you stop the spread of mold, mildew and fungal spores. You’ll be at a lower risk of mold outbreaks that might damage vital belongings. Fewer contaminants in the air make it easier for those with asthma or allergies to breathe. Your home will also smell better and have improved protection against insect and rodent infestations. Humidity plays a huge role in a home’s overall indoor air quality.

Protecting your home’s comfort boosts your household’s health and quality of life. It can also minimize daily strain and wear and tear on your AC unit. Frequently running your air conditioner in cool mode requires a lot of energy. Operating at full speed puts more stress on the system, increasing your need for maintenance. The unit’s dry mode can have a huge impact on your indoor comfort without requiring the full power of your AC unit.

Activating Dry Mode

To fully utilize all of your air conditioner’s settings, you’ll need a programmable or smart thermostat. Depending on your model, your air conditioner may have a remote control or digital display. Find the mode button and switch through the settings to find dry mode. This button also gives you access to functions like automatic, fan and cool mode.

Once you get to dry mode, you may quickly notice a change in your AC unit’s functioning sounds. This is normal as the system is now running at a reduced speed. If you’re not sure if your air conditioner has a dry mode, consult the owner’s manual. You’ll also find instructions there on turning it on and how long it can safely be used.

Maximizing Your Indoor Comfort

Rather than risk feeling uncomfortable in your home, bring your HVAC questions to trained professionals. Your local heating and cooling company can walk you through helpful AC unit upgrades. They’ll lay out your air conditioning options and what modern models utilize dry mode features.

HVAC technicians will also be able to troubleshoot any issues you’re currently having with your AC unit. They’ll help you determine how to activate and how best to use dry mode. Calling an expert is the ideal way to see immediate improvements in your home’s comfort and temperature control. You’ll also learn how to optimize your seasonal energy usage, saving you huge amounts on your monthly utility bills.

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