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Summer special you can pick either a service call or a tuneup both are $39 and include 2lbs of freon.

$39 AC or Heating Tune-up.

Includes up to 2lbs of freon if necessary.

$100 off

Duct and dryer vent cleaning.

Lewisville AC Repair

Contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating in Lewisville, Tx, today to book an appointment and have your air conditioner repaired. So, you can return to your comfortable and less-hassle life in the summer.

A broken AC unit can be cruel to experience in the middle of the scorching summer and the harsh humidity of Texas. When your air conditioning unit stops functioning because there is something wrong, having it repaired should not be added to your disappointments. 

At Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, we are pleased to offer a wide range of air conditioning repairs and services to Lewisville homeowners. It will help you solve your issues with your AC systems. These include the tiniest and the most complex problems that you usually encounter. With plenty of satisfied clients and years of serving residents around Texas, you can trust us with your air conditioning repairs and services. You are in good hands. Our team is always available to assist you. Contact us today!

Did your air conditioning unit stop working well? 

Worry no more! We can bring it back.

If your air conditioner is giving you a hard time, such as insufficient cold air, strange sounds, foul odors, or other issues, do not delay contacting your AC experts at Dring Air Conditioning and Heating. 

You can assure that we work on all make and brands of any cooling devices, and no matter the issues you have, we will fix and repair your air conditioning unit. Our expert technicians will quickly diagnose the problems of your AC unit and use the appropriate equipment and products to provide you with a durable solution. We assure you to rerun the air conditioner to fully operational AC before leaving your household. No matter your issues with your Ac unit, trust Dring experts to bring back the old AC unit to its optimum efficiency. 

We Fix All Your Air Conditioning Issues in Lewisville, Tx

Summer in Texas is ordinary. During the summer, the temperature goes triple, and a high level of humidity is as usual as cooking barbecue during holidays. While we have acquired to avoid the stress of the heat significantly thanks to our AC unit, an appliance breaks down and needs repairing immediately.

Our Lewisville, Tx air conditioning repair experts get to the root cause of the problem. They can help you determine the issues and make preventative maintenance to assure you that your AC unit is working well all year. 

Common Indications You Require an Air Conditioning Repair Include:

  • Your AC system is continuously turning on and off. 
  • There is water pooling around your AC system. 
  • Your air conditioning unit is releasing warm air. 
  • There is an unexpected increase in energy bills. 

Do you need to repair or replace your AC system? 

One of the most complicated inquiries clients might ask you is whether or not they should fix their problem, or have their AC unit changed outright. While an AC repair can make your unit running, a replacement could be a better choice in some situations. For instance, if you need a significant AC repair, and your AC system has lived more than 15 years, there is probably a chance it requires a crucial repair. It implies that keeping it running is making it costlier. We insist you have your Ac unit diagnosed by our Lewisville AC expert technicians who can give you a truthful opinion about the status of your AC unit. They can provide better solutions for buying new cooling equipment. 

5 Indications You May Require Your AC System A Replacement: 

  • Not working thermostat
  • Increase in electricity bills
  • Unusual sounds or foul odors
  • Dripping/Freezing near the air conditioner unit
  • Your existing AC unit does not fulfill the cold air around the house. 

Routine Maintenance Can Avoid Air Conditioning Emergencies

Some AC repair problems can be preventable by getting yearly scheduled maintenance conducted on your air conditioning system. By having yearly maintenance performed, you can save money by avoiding potential damages that need repairs. Our Lewisville AC expert technicians are skilled and trained to offer you the best AC repairs and services. 

Dring Air Conditioning and Heating have been serving residents of Texas for their air conditioning and heating needs for more than 60 years.

With our clients’ satisfaction recommendations, we assure you that you will only get the highest standard of service. We put our dedication and commitment to every task that we perform. You can depend on Dring Air Conditioning and heating for your air conditioning repairs and services.

We keep Lewisville homes ready for summer! Call us today to book an appointment. 

24/7 Emergency AC Repairs and Services

We work on jobs at any time of any day. Whether it is weekdays, weekends, or even on holidays, we perform our tasks. Once you observe that your AC unit has stopped functioning, give us a call right away. It is true. You can give us a call at any time, 24/7 a week. We want to make your Lewisville life as comfortable as we can. 

So, if you need AC repair now, do not hesitate to contact us! We will send our service technicians to assess your AC unit. 

We ensure that you will get only the best service when you call us. We understand how much hassle it is to have a non-working air conditioner in the summer. Hard nights with no sleep does not make it better tomorrow. Regardless of what time we come to your home, you can always expect the same level of high-standard service. We assure you to put our full effort into fixing your unit in one visit. Our service truck is full of stocks, so whatever your AC problem, we can solve it. 

Our Technicians:

  • They have tons of proper training and certifications. 
  • They use high-standard products and tools.
  • They offer customer satisfaction after the task. 
  • They can work on all makes, models, and brands.

Choose Our Dring Air Conditioning and Heating for All Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs

At Dring Air Conditioning and Heating, excellence and professionalism are our goals in offering to our clients. We can assist you with AC repairs, heating repairs, IAQ, and a lot more. We always provide our clients with the highest standards of service and products because we want to top your expectations from us in every way possible. We know that running a business every day involves giving so much more than you expected, like the customer service that you deserve. We never stop enhancing ourselves with training and education so that we can provide better service. We are always ready to repair any issues you may encounter with any models of AC units. 

Contact Dring Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more about our service:

For more than 60 years in this industry, Dring Air Conditioning and Heating have been providing quality and excellence in heating and AC repair services, AC installation, and AC maintenance in Lewisville, Texas. If you are looking for AC services in Lewisville, TX, then naturally call one of our expert technicians. Give us a call for more information.